The Secret to Saving Hundreds of Dollars on Healthcare


Millions of people in America are always searching for the best health coverage available. This overwhelming quest often makes them marionettes, pushing them to make harsh life decisions and career choices solely based on employer health benefits. But the sad truth is that even the best health insurances and benefits often fall short; leaving people sick and in red tape.

After the establishment of Obamacare, many Americans thought that their prayers had been answered and that they would finally get their desperately needed health coverage. But those dreams and aspirations were quickly shattered by the ever-growing price of monthly premiums.

In fact, the average Individual American pays an average of $477 in health insurance premiums per month without subsidies, according to data gathered by Kaiser Family Foundation in 2019. And family plans, $1,168 per month, according to eHealth, with an average deductible of about $8,232 in 2018.These monthly premium prices are not even taking into a count the high deductibles and maximum out of pocket costs.

What does this mean for the average person that doesn’t get sick often? They will be paying an average of $5,724 per year, even if they just get their yearly Flu Shot and a physical.

Let’s put this into perspective!

The average individual will pay around $5,724 per year, for a $40 Flu Shot at Walgreens, and a $90 physical at their primary care doctor. They might think to themselves, well at least I have insurance if I have to go to the emergency room; completely forgetting about their $5,000 annual deductible/max out of pocket they will have to pay for the ER/Urgent Care visit before their insurance kicks in. The irony is that an ER/Urgent Care visit can cost anywhere from $150-$3,000 depending on the severities of their injuries or illness; if they don’t have insurance.

In the very typical scenario above, an uninsured individual in the same situation would problably pay, $40 for the Flu Shot, $90 for their physical and let’s say $650 for a minor ER/Urgent Care visit, a yearly total of $780. Meanwhile the insured individual, would get the $40 Flu Shot for Free, pay a $20 copay for the physical, $650 deductible for the minor ER/Urgent Care visit, plus their yearly premium, a yearly total of $6,394. This means that the uninsured individual saved $5,614!

We need to think smart and save money…

Obviously, the world is not perfect and one needs to analyze the risks and benefits to everything. As such, this has led to the creation of many healthcare alternatives ranging from medical providers given their uninsured patients discounts, medical health sharing programs, and health discount programs. These non-insurance options are finally giving consumers choices and the better deal.

An amazing deal worthy of mention is the TeleHealth Discount Program offered by Health Share Cost. It’s not insurance, but their program gives consumers the best healthcare service and savings available in the United States. For the low monthly cost of $35, you get unlimited 24/7 medical consultations with US Board Certified Doctors, unlimited dermatologist consultations, and 3 Free Behavioral/Mental Health Sessions per year by a Therapist, Psychologist or Psychiatrist.

The kicker to this amazing program is that the $35 per month covers every person in your household without limitation, there are no copays, no deductibles, no hidden fees, no long-term commitments, no preexisting condition restrictions, and a social security number is not required. This means that everyone is eligible to join, even undocumented people and even tourists visiting the US.

Another exciting perk of TeleHealth Discount Program, is that it can be used from anywhere with an internet connection and on demand. In contrast to other traditional health programs that are restricted by state boundaries often leaving consumers not fully covered when out of their home state.

How does this work?

TeleHealth is the future of medicine and is currently widely used in hospitals and health provider facilities around the world. Using telehealth app technology, a doctor can proactively treat, diagnose and consult with a patient via a secure live video chat. They are able handle over 100 common medical conditions, issue prescriptions when needed and even diagnose over 3,000 skin conditions; all done using your smartphone, tablet or computer.

The technology is constantly growing with many companies starting to sell medical gadget attachments that connect to your smart phones and tablets. Now you can buy otoscopes, stethoscopes, heart monitors, thermometers and even retinal screening systems that attached to your smart phone that your doctor can analyze while in consult with you. This highly improves the quality of care and allows people immediate access to medical professionals more frequently from the convenience of their home.

Health Share Cost’s TeleHealth Discount Program is ideal for non-emergency medical situations, preventive care and covers an entire family for the cost of a few traditional copays. Additionally, its saves time by avoiding long waits, unnecessary visits to urgent care around sick people and the difficulties getting a lastminute doctor’s appointment. It doesn’t get better than this.

In conclusion, whether you have “great” insurance, are uninsured and or looking to save big bucks on healthcare, the TeleHealth Discount Program is the way to go. It will save you money. They even offer special rates for employers that want to offer great health benefits to their employees at a low cost.

For more information, please visit http://healthsharecost.com

Furthermore, analyze your needs, risks and other coverages you may have like auto insurance and get rid of what you don’t need. Many auto-insurance policies and other benefits may just cover the medical costs you may need for emergency situations.






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