The Amazon for Teachers


You have Zomato for food, Uber for cabs, Practo for Doctors

What do you have for teachers?

If you’re still thinking, then maybe the ‘right’ platform to address the quintessential problems and needs of students isn’t there yet. Till now.

Book Your Guru, an up-and-coming EdTech startup created by a team of students is creating India’s first decentralized e-marketplace for education where the vision is to democratize traditional learning by empowering students to connect with their perfect teacher in a unique way.

Envisioned as “The Flipkart for Teachers”, Book Your Guru is built on the same premise as that of an e-commerce site where anyone is allowed to list and sell their products and services. The buyer is provided with all the information and resources to help them select the best product for them.  

With a mission to make e-learning more accessible and flexible, Book Your Guru (BYG) has built an exclusive e-commerce-like platform to help students learn a specific aspect of the subject or the entire course. The learners get to decide what they wish to learn, when and where to learn, and most importantly who to learn from. Every educator has a holistic teaching portfolio offering insights into the background and teaching methodology.

What’s more? You get to witness a recorded video of the teaching process followed by the instructor to actually check their teaching style and approach. In a similar pattern, Book Your Guru (BYG), provides opportunities to millions of knowledgeable people who are seeking jobs through online tutoring. Whether it is academics, hobbies, or professional skills, one can easily become a tutor and start earning a decent income if they are passionate about sharing their wisdom.

On BYG – Parents, Students, and Individuals can explore an elite community of experienced teachers, mentors, coaches, and experts for their desired subject. They can consult their teaching portfolio for a comprehensive insight into their skill set/expertise and then choose someone that perfectly matches their learning needs.

We realize the significance and value of a good teacher in a student’s life and to facilitate that, we are empowering students to make the choice themselves about who they want to study. When students are expected to make important decisions on a day-to-day basis about their careers, it is unfair that in the current education system, students have little to no say in who teaches them.

Book Your Guru (BYG) ensures that students make informed decisions with the help of reviews and ratings of all tutors by parents and students. Thus, it is the long-awaited answer that the country faces in terms of educational challenges. It offers unique methods to learn affordably and with flexibility.

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