Sysomos Inc social media analytics firm acquires gazeMetrix

Torronto based Social Media analytics firm having office in Sillicon Valley, Sysomos has acquired Benguluru based visual listening and image recognition platform GazeMetrix. Of the 9 member team of gazeMetrix, five will move to Silicon Valley to work closely with rest of the Sysomos team.


GazeMetrix is a product from UberLabs that provides visual analytics in social media using lgorithms and a proprietary virality detection method. It lets companies know where their brand images and logos has been used on social media like facebook, twittter, Instagram etc. GazeMetrix was Co-Founded by Deobrat Singh, Saurabh Paruthi and Debayan Banerjee in 2012.

gazeMetrix also seamlessly enables digital rights management, where Brands can ask for permission to republish user-generated images on their own channels. gazeMetrix has also raised more than $300K funding from 500 Startups and other investors across the globe.

Sysomos Inc

Sysomos Inc is Canadian (Torronto) based company located in Sillicon Valley is a social media analytics company that perform data mining and analytics of data flowing through social media. Sysomos has their flagship product Media Analysis Platform (MAP) for media analytics.

Lindsay Sparks, Sysomos CEO, belives just analyzing captions, comments and hashtags isn’t enough and visual data about their customers on Twitter and Instagram is also crucial.

What Media Analytics Is?

First lets understand the term Analytics. Think of the time when you visit a E-commerce website to buy a cell phone and purchase or view specifications of few cell phones you liked. You will notice that every second blog or webpage you visit that has Google ad sense enabled will be depicting ads regarding what cell phones you had viewed on that E-commerce website. It happens because of analytics of data that Google performs on every activity you perform over the web. They captures what requests are coming from where around the world and using the data collected they show relevant advertisements to other pages you visit on the web. Similarly many companies  perform data mining and anaytics of data you provide them by visiting, writing, searching, uploading etc over the web.

When Analytics is performed on Media content like images, videos etc by using image processing algorithms rather just textual data is called Media Analytics.

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