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MyRider – Hyper Local Deliveries made Easy

In today’s world, the life has been moving at an utter fast pace that human have everything except time. There are times when you are so busy in your daily routine such as job & business that you often neglect personal needs of your family and beloved ones.

What if a personal rider would be available for you that can assist you with wishing birthday to your loved ones with a flower delivery or even a person who can pick your office drawer keys from home and deliver it to you.

MyRider (Coming soon at is a service which provides hyper local deliveries. It’s a very simple pay as you go order concept. The user does not need to worry about minimum or maximum packages, however the maximum weight of the package should not exceed 5 kgs.

One can avail our services to deliver documents, deliver orders, they provide personalized services to deliver gifts, flowers, wedding cards, corporate gifts.

MyRider also provide users who sign up with them, detailed reports of their order history, where it was sent, the time it was delivered, details of the customer, this helps the company not only with its accounting purposes but also can give a fair idea about the target-market location and demographic wise information.

MyRider is based out of New Delhi and have been operational since July 2015. Founded by four people namely, Vikramaditya Sethi, Samarveer Singh, Anshul Kapoor, and Manakjit Singh Ahluwalia.

They are currently working on their web portal which is soon expected to hit the internet marketplace. We had an opportunity to converse with Mr Vikramadtiya Sethi and we unfolded many aspects about their venture.

Their pricing model makes them even better as the offer rates are much affordable with the delivery charges starting from as less as Rs 39 for 5 km.

MyRider Delivery Charges
 Two-Wheeler  Rs 39 for first 5 KM and Rs 6 per additional KM
 Four-Wheeler Rs 49 for first 5 KM and Rs 7 per additional KM

After a lot of brainstorming sessions, we streamlined our idea. We have started taking orders for deliveries, and our business development and marketing team is working out to get the business, while the platform is still under construction. – Vikramaditya

When asked about his views about the journey and entrepreneurship, he said:

Entrepreneurship for me is not about making money or being your own boss. It’s a natural transition of my craving to add something to the community, to build something useful, helpful which has potential to scale. The journey has not been easy, I have made mistakes along the way, however my resolve has been what does not kill me only makes me stronger. I have learned things, sometimes I have surprised myself at being creative, logical and inspiring to my co founders and the audience. At times I have been too bogged down, and I have had fleeting thoughts to go take up a job.

MyRider have been running on bootstrap funding and have a team size of 4. However, they are performing well and are expected to hit the market even better once their web portal is up and running.

MyRider services are just one call away and you can avail their services by calling +91-9717716048

When asked about his favorite quote, Sethi said :

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.” –Samuel Beckett

In case you want to know more about MyRider, drop a comment below and we will get you in touch with them.

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