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Leadburg: Mobile Based Behavioural Analytics Platform

Image courtesy: Leadburg Facebook page

Leadburg: Mobile Based Behavioural Analytics Platform for Opportunity Matching and People Development

We make most decisions based on reviews and recommendations of others, because this makes establishing and assessing credentials easier. However currently, it is extremely difficult for people to establish their own credentials or assess someone else’s – though this is critical in employment, team allocation, performance reviews, dating and matrimony. “How do we establish that we are well suited, for example, to an interviewer, in the shortest period of time? This is the challenge that we always face” This is the feedback that we got from fresh graduates as well as others as they face opportunities.

In most other fields like movies, restaurants, travel, and employers rating and reviewing websites like IMDB, Yelp!, Trip advisor and Glassdoor helps easier decision making. However, in the case of human behavior and attitude, this is completely absent. This could be because human behavior rating is complex, subjective and could lead to system abuse, if not dealt in a controlled manner.

Leadburg is addressing this through a 3 step methodology. First, we have divided the entire gamut of behavior into 5Cs – collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, and commitment. We have created various games based on psychographics, neuropsychology and neuro semantics around these 5Cs. These allow the users to self-assess themselves and discover interesting insights about themselves. Second, we allow social rating and industry validation. For social rating, buddies are picked up by the system rather than the user, based on an algorithm in a statistically valid fashion to avoid abuse and subjectivity. Industrial validation is done based on a large survey that we conducted with the CXOs on the attributes that they look for while employing entry level/mid/senior. Third, we allow users to compare themselves as well as discover others with similar/divergent traits. Most important in this is that the data collected allows us to auto-build a resume for the user highlighting his unique strengths and attributes. This allows the user to establish his credentials.

The app lets users have fun and entertainment rather than feeling like a boring set of tests or quizzes. The app behaves very similar to Facebook or Twitter, with a timeline. In the timeline, there are games, rating requests and self-improvement articles. Most importantly, we use big data to analyze and present insights like the user’s unique attributes, industry validated capabilities, improvement areas, percentile that he falls into etc. So, everyday there is something interesting for the user to come back to the app.

Image courtesy: Leadburg Facebook page

The more users get on to our platform, the more robust and statistically valid our platform gets and would make it more attractive for businesses. Hence, it is critical for us to focus on user acquisition. Leadburg would be important to businesses in many ways. Recent ‘Future of the Jobs’ report from the World Economic Forum says that out of the 10 most critical attributes that employers look out for, 9 are behavioral in nature, but due to lack of data they are forced to focus only on technical skills as of now. The Hamilton Project report says that non-cognitive behavioral skills shall determine how you progress and are rewarded in your profession.

Leadburg will be able to help companies to recruit better, allocate resources better and conduct performance reviews better. It would also be able to help training and skill development companies to understand gaps better, recommend courses better and also help their users to showcase themselves better. Most importantly, we can also help governments and institutions in understanding skill and behavioral gaps. Our big data analysis could reveal, for example, “How can government help in improving employability of the youth” or “Bangalore leading in 5Cs compared to Mumbai” or “Top 10 non-cognitive skilled institutions in India”.

Leadburg is based on a decade long research at LSE and more than 10 years of experience of running an analytics firm. Leadburg was launched in October 2016, initially tapping into 250 million educated youth between 15-35 years in India. Leadburg has tie ups with more than 300 universities/colleges currently, and has an average engagement of more than 10 minutes per person per day (compared to 2 minutes of LinkedIn).

Leadburg has secured seed/angel funding from IvyCamp platform in January this year and planning to raise another USD 500,000. The additional fund shall be used for user acquisition, setting up big data analytics platforms, content creation and in scaling up the venture. Big data analytics would enable us to bring out regular reports for governments, companies and skill training institutions to establish our thought leadership. Analytics would also enable us to initiate our B2C revenue streams by automating opportunity identification as well as certification and endorsements for our users. From content creation part, we will be looking at more tactile games using neuropsychology and neuro semantics. Current valuation of Leadburg is USD 4.5 million

Email: vidyadhar@leadburg.com

Website: https://www.leadburg.com/home

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leadburg

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/13265257/

Twitter handle: @Leadburg

Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.leadburg.leadburgApp&hl=en

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