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Inspiring story of cyber security startup – The VP Techno Labs® International

VP Techno Labs
Most Promising MSME
This is startup story of cyber security company and its Founder. How the journey went and what is outcome of business.

The VP Techno Labs® International is multi award-winning & Internationally recognized cybersecurity & network security services and solutions provider. We’re providing cyber security/network security, IT compliance & auditing, red teaming assessment services in cost effective way!

The company founded in Y-2019 by Mr. Vivek Pancholi who is Ethical Hacker by Profession. The Owner always come with new, innovative, insightful & highly entrepreneurial solutions that can empower and fuel any business.

Company Located in Nadiad and serves global markets especially USA.

Our Services & Solutions are backed by AI + HI methodologies & DeReEn Approach. We will make sure your business is protected from every perspective whether it is technical or non technical. No matter how complex or challenging your business problem, no matter problem is known or unknown. We must do it in right way!

From out client base, we have 50+ Fortune Top 500 Clients.


1. Most Promising MSME by IAF, New Delhi

2. Most Recommended Cyber Security Companies by TheManifest, USA

3. Top IT Services Company in India 2022 by Clutch.co, USA

4. Top Cyber Security Companies, TechBehemoths

5. Top B2B Companies in India by Clutch.co, USA

6. Top Rated Agency in Nadiad, Digital Excellence Awards

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