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How two IIM-A alumni are revolutionizing the placement scenario across the Indian engineering colleges?

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Bfactory is an innovation in the education industry. The brainchild of two IIM Ahmedabad alumni, aimed at changing the classroom environment across the engineering colleges. Even though the companies are moving towards the online and digital channels, two trailblazing IIM Ahmedabad alumni are focused on method-oriented classroom learning. On their mission to improve the education sector, they emphasize on the integration of education and technology.

According to the Annual Employability Survey 2019 by Aspiring Minds: 80% of Indian engineers are not fit for any job in the knowledge economy. Only 47% of students attend industry talks and about 60% of faculty do not discuss how engineering concepts apply to industry, thus limiting the industry exposure even further.

India has enough engineering colleges, producing about two million engineers per annum. But the best out of the IITs and Regional Engineering Colleges make a beeline for universities abroad. The next best go for management and prefer to sell soaps and oil rather than doing engineering. The next lot goes to the IT sector, which is very lucrative. There are still large numbers left who, unfortunately, are not of the required quality.

Bfactory’s new initiative eXtraSem helps students to become industry ready and hone their technical and soft skills before entering the competitive and highly dynamic corporate world.

eXtraSem is India’s best online Placement Coaching program providing placement training through customized learning and assessment platform to nurture job fit students. This mobile application provides a platform for holistic development. ExtraSem is  revolutionizing the education industry by preparing young Indian engineering graduates ready to enter the industry with the right skills and aptitude and provide a bridge to connect the companies directly with such talent.

The Primary core module of the application consists of:

  1. Classes: 60 sessions ranging from 20 to 45 minutes covering topics like general aptitude, industry knowledge, soft skills development, Facing GD and interviews, etc.
  2.   Library: Vast e-learning resources with information on company based questions, latest advancements in different fields, technical concepts, etc.
  3. Mentorship: Monthly webinars by IIT-IIM alumni discussing preparation methodology and tricks on psychology, mindset during interviews, attitude, etc.
  4.     Guest Lecture: Regular sessions by industry experts in different fields to learn more about the company’s requirements, expectations and working methodology.
  5.     Doubt solving platform: Access to doubt solving groups across various platforms for better understandings

eXtraSem provides COACHING. Unlike other applications in the market just providing online resources and assessments tests, it has a well-structured and progressive 60-day plan following a pre-defined schedule enabling students to cover all the aspects helpful to be industry-ready. Based on the requirements of the students the course can be customized to suit their needs and interests. The course covers aptitude, technical, soft skills development and tips for facing interviews. It also facilitates regular mentorship and guidance from IIT-IIM alumni and guest lectures with industry experts which helps students in getting acquainted with the corporate world.

eXtraSem also provides a detailed report for every test, depicting information related to the collective knowledge level for the specific topic and relative performance for each student. For a specific job profile, the analysis report can be presented before the recruiter to indicate the students’ proficiency level in the related field. This will be helpful for them to become well-acquainted with the latest industry trends and corporate world enabling them to perform better during placement drives and secure their dream jobs. 

The whole program by eXtraSem is designed in a way that helps every student with varying intellectual levels to enhance their skills and knowledge. 

eXtraSem is also organizing an Engineering Placement Assessment Test (EPAT 2020) on national level on 26th April 2020, the winner will get prizes worth Rs. 10,000.

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