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We are into Enterprise Messaging providing end to end solutions for SMS, Voice, WhatsApp & Email. Also below mentioned are Secure message system features and Products. Unique Features – Bulk Push (Promotional Messaging) Achieve high throughput for promotional messages either through UI or XML APIs Transaction and Critical Alerts Messaging Our messaging platform ensures on-time delivery of your critical messages Dedicated OTP Channel Equence provides dedicated OTP routing over and above the transaction routing Two Way Messaging Through Long Codes and Short Codes Get feedback and reports through two way messaging solutions integrated directly to the platform SmartLinks Enable data driven targeting and re-targeting through detailed customer insights via Smartlinks Two - Factor Authentication Services - KnoxxAPI Through two-factor authentication, take enterprise-wide security to the next level Rest APIs Technology agnostic, secure, and light-weight APIs HTTP/HTTPS/XML APIs and SMPP Connects Bouquet of connecting technology provided based on your need Multi Language Messaging All Indian languages supported and in-process of supporting international languages 1530 Character Support Send up to 10 parts of message Flash, Binary Following are the Equence's product/services - 1. SMS Service - promotional/transaction/information/critical based 2. OBD Service – Promotional OBD & Transactional OBD – We can provide you accounts , which you can use from your own to process / broadcast Voice Clips/campaigns. 3. Other Products – We can discuss any solution which you want to develop on SMS or Voice platform...Some solutions already developed and given to customers. a. Voice Call - to Numbers in messages are not delivered within set/expected Time or to Failed and Expired Mobile Numbers – We can also help by providing service of Voice call where your high priority message is not delivered within expected time or to those mobile numbers which got failed or expired. b. Click To Call – Solution which helps your customer to enter his mobile no. on your website and patch the call with respective agent / executive. c. SMS Banking application – On-site SMPP client application to directly integrate with customer’s core bank platform and manage message processing with various SMPP gateways. Includes UI module to enable various bank departments to directly load messages through the UI while ensuring complete security behind the bank’s firewall d. Message Board – Solution which helps you during your meet and conference to get questions and voting / feedback from attendees on a big screen. e. Sales Force Automation( SFA) – Solution which helps your sales people to send their daily report through mobile. f. Missed Call Service –Solution which helps your customers / employees to give a missed call on given no. and get the required information through SMS or Voice. g. Short-Code- 5 Digit Number like 56161 – Solution which helps you to get feedback / response from your customers and employees.] h. Virtual Number –10 Digit Number - Solution which helps you to get feedback / response from your customers and employees without premium short code costs. Wishes / Information Dialler– Solution which helps you to communicate with your employees or customers to wish them for their B’day , anniversaries , New Year , Company Result..... and we can record voice of your company’s top management team for any one of mentioned activity. 4. Reaching to Prospect Clients via Email & Affiliate Marketing - Owing to our continuous relations with existing Email clients, we can facilitate a platform to Client of Affiliate Marketing by using Email data of such players for marketing campaigns.

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Mob: 9920400405

One of the fastest growing startups in the Mobile Ecosystem over the last few years has been Equence Technologies Private Limited. The Bangalore based company has been in the business of providing Mobile connectivity solutions to Enterprises across India and is now rapidly expanding into the overseas market. In the last 3 years the company has built up a large portfolio of customers in the Banking Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) business.

The company was founded by the husband wife team of Pushpendra Kumar and Shweta Kumar after identifying a gap in the market for stakeholder communications over the Mobile network. The company has been a pioneer in innovative Mobile Solutions using SMS, Voice and has recently launched its WhatsApp based services.

Mr. Pushpendra spoke about the recently launched WhatsApp solutions “Equence has been a pioneer in providing communication integration solutions to the Enterprise Market. We have been pioneers in providing SMS and Voice based solutions in the past and have recently launched our WhatsApp based services”. The WhatsApp based services will soon be launched with a leading company in the BFSI space shortly.

The team also consists of Mr. Pankaj Behera (CTO) and Mr. Amber Jain (COO) and a large team of twenty professionals based out of Bangalore. Industry Veteran Arjun Sinha Roy has been working with the team and helping roadmap of the team. The Team has been working on some innovative products around the use of SMS and Voice and how it can be used by Enterprises for solving the problems of Location Based Services. The team is in advanced talks with a bank to launch a whole host of services around the use of SMS for last mile connectivity for their Internal Staff.

Starting from humble beginnings in Agra, Mr. Pushpendra has built the business step by step. He is also running an NGO, Bhagya Vidhata Foundation, which provides free food to homeless pavement dwellers every night in Navi Mumbai. Mr. Pushpendra mentioned “ We believe that in compassionate capitalism, the fruits of enterprise must be shared with the community and the underprivileged”

The team is working on creating an innovative business model around need for Small and Medium Enterprises to communicate with their stakeholders. With Hyperlocal businesses becoming online, Equence envisages new innovations in product development to cater to the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises.

About Equence

Equence is a 3 year old company working in the domain of Innovative Mobile Communication solutions for the Enterprise Market. It is a leader in the domain of SMS and Voice based communication solutions working with leading Enterprises like Banks, E-commerce companies and other enterprises. Equence has recently launched its WhatsApp based solutions for the Enterprise Market and will be launching a suite of products for the SME Market.

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