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Behind the Scenes [Amfinity Solutions]

While studying in college – Arijit Bhattacharjee got curious about the problem he and his friends have faced during the time of choosing their next path in career after the HS results were announced. He thought that as they struggled to gather the stones they left behind in order to make their path which leads to the self-established future of the society, the next generation may also face the same thing. He consulted with his professors and took the decision that he will form a team with his friends and others who will guide the next generations as educational consultants to overcome the problems that they will face throughout their career.
College was about to complete – Arijit was also jobless as most of the other students, and the companies came on the campus were not offering the job for him or he was not in the criteria of offering himself to the companies. Suddenly his professor told him one day “You are made for marketing my boy, Go out and Gain Experience” and told him to go for an interview in a IT company which is run by one of his student. Arijit couldn’t say no to his mentor and gone for the interview having no intentions to get the Job. But destiny has always other plans for him. He was shortlisted and selected for the post of Marketing Executive. After long discussion with his professors he joined the Company.
During Job Life – sometimes he used to cry by locking himself in the bathroom by the pressure which was squeezing him from both the sides of the clients and the company as well. Gradually from time to time after gaining experiences and passing the test of one after another of his career, Arijit became the sole person who was in responsibility of overall Marketing and Sales of the Company. One day while looking in the mirror he thought that where is the future he was thinking about while he was in college? Is this the life he planned for? He observed that he was looking far more aged than his own age. He decided that it’s now or never.
After leaving the Job – he used to get offers from clients and other companies as well to join but he sticked to his goal. He invested one whole year in the final planning of the business which was his primary goal from the start. He planned by the experience of Information Technology he will provide the best solution to the corporates that he felt missing in the Industry during his job life. Along with that he will include his father’s 32 years of experience as an Accountant, to provide the best TAX Consultancy for the corporates. The plan of Educational Consultancy has also taken a shape by then and the team was also in mind and ready to be in action. Last of all one of his friend told that “You are good in Marketing and Management, I am into Events for so long. why don’t you come into event management?”
The Story of Event – started from there. Arijit and his friend started to plan and manage events for various clients which were a grand success. The vendors, clients, guests all were very happy and enjoyed as well as appreciated the works as well. Without any doubt, Arijit added Event Management in his Services of Ample Opportunities which are Infinite in Nature. So,
The name was created Amfinity Solutions.
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