Bake My Words Plus- English Mastering through Gamification

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Bake My Words

Bake My Words Plus- English Mastering through Gamification

Bake My Words Plus, a fun learning app to help learn and master English language. The application has been designed to master English language through gamification covering all aspects including building vocabulary, grammar, and learning the correct pronunciation.

Bake My Words Plus is for everyone, whether you are a student or a grown-up. Play it to learn English and have fun at the same time. Each round is a set of jumbled words. Swipe the words to get the words in the right order – real quick. And you bake it! That simple.

Even burning is fun because you learn the correct sentence and get to know more about English words and pronunciation.

How we balance fun and learning

Our design experts have always believed that apps need to be part of a learner’s course for effective learning. While designing and planning the various phases of its evolution, we are committed to making it a platform for endless learning and fun.

Unlimited possibilities

It is powered by our unique word research with hundreds of thousands of sentences, which ensures no repetition of content and keeps boredom a mile away. Learning and mastering English language was never this fun and easy!

Wholesome Learning

The content structure includes multiple types of content, so learners have a wide array of options to focus on – idioms, proverbs, definitions, parts of speech, synonyms, antonyms, sentences, and so on. Given that this is about learning English language, we see endless opportunities to scale up the content and serve to a variety of learners. At this point, there are four levels in Bake My Words- Starter, Challenger, Achiever and Genius where users can start their English language learning journey.

Theme based fun with Reinforcement learning

We have created a beautiful, make-believe world of baking in Bake My Words. The interface, the visuals, and the messaging is designed with the baking paradigm. The goal is to create an environment that makes learning fun and easy. When you install the app for the first time, we even gift you some cookies for you to begin your baking journey. While you play and learn new words, you can also save sentences which we call as bakemarks, which you can refer in your leisure time to learn more. You can even play a few Bake My Words rounds with your bakemarked strings. Users can earn badges which denote their learning achievements. If the user feels stuck at any point during the rounds, they can get a hint by spending their earned cookies or watch a brief advertisement. Keep playing more and more to earn points to rise higher in our leader board.

Learning Feedback

The more you bake, the more you earn reward points. The more you bake, the more you learn. While you bake you get a timer which shows you the time taken by you to rearrange the jumbled sentence correctly ensuring to keep a track of your learning efficiency.

In app dictionary: We have included an in-app dictionary to complete your learning experience. The dictionary is quite easy to access and gives you the searched definition as well as synonyms/ antonyms for the intended word to diversify your vocabulary word basket.

Text to Speech: While we want to ensure that you are on the path of continuous learning, we wouldn’t want you to keep bundling up words that you can’t pronounce. Enhance your pronunciation with our text to speech feature. Tap a word for which you would want to the pronunciation for and the app will read it out aloud as it should be. This ensures you not only read but also hear newer words with their correct pronunciation.

This ensures constant feedback and makes it rewarding and engaging for the learner at his own convenience. With each game, you learn and expand the boundary of your knowledge.

Try Bake My Words Plus to discover the little genius hiding in you. Happy baking. Happy learning!

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