Arundeep Singla – The Man Behind Largest Brewpub Chain of India

Arundeep Singla
Arundeep Singla is an Entrepreneur and Managing Director of The Brew Estate and Rock & Storm and has an empire of $65 M. He is expanding The Brew Estate and Rock&Storm with a rapid pace.


Arundeep Singla is an entrepreneur. He was born in a small city in Punjab named “Sunam” and completed schooling there. He decided to complete further studies in Australia. So, He packed bags in 2006 and got enrolled for a Master’s in Finance from Melbourne. During his stay, he was fascinated by the Brew-pub industry of Australia. He returned to India in 2008. Here, he started looking for the opportunities and needs of people because a storm was in his mind to change the liquor Industry of India. To make it successful, he dedicated one year to the research and groundwork. And in no time, he set up his alcohol brand “Rock & Storm” and introduced his first plant in 2009, and entered the market in Delhi in 2011. He was vigorously working on the foundation of combining affordability with availability. To explore more about the Alco-bev industry, he started going on subsequent visits to Europe, Belgium, and the UK.

In 2015, microbrewery law in Chandigarh was instituted and this sparked a thought in his mind. He was determined to lay the first stone of the combination of restaurant and brew-pub and came up with The Brew Estate in 2016.


Armed with an engineering background and a professional accounting degree from Australia, the young and dynamic entrepreneur stormed the market at the age of 30. Arundeep Singla has channelized the drift of his experiences to take Rock and Storm Distilleries to be the perfect launchpad. And now, only the sky is the limit! Rock & Storm Distilleries started operations in 2010 with its first manufacturing plant in the Sangrur district of Punjab. Today, Rock & Storm Distilleries is determined and marching full-steam ahead to become a leading brand across all alcohol product segments, across India!

This drive eventually laid down the perfect launchpad for Chandigarh’s first microbrewery. Setting The Brew Estate in 2016, it became India’s emerging microbrewery and largest chain.

Rock & Storm

His first entrepreneurial venture Rock & Storm, is currently, supporting its 14 child brands. Some of the leading ones are Dennis Special and Rich & Rare. Currently, the Gross Market value of this Rock & Storm is 450 crores. Rock & Storm started back in 2009 after returning from Australia. In a time of just 2 years, He made to Delhi Market. It’s been 10 years of Rock and Storm and it is growing in value every single month.

The Brew Estate

The establishment of The Brew Estate is very much close to the application of microbrewery law in Chandigarh. The Brew Estate set its foundation in 2016. Arundeep Singla was quite influenced by the European culture of craft beers; their brew-pubs were fascinating. With no surprise to it, The Brew Estate is a combination of a restaurant and brew-pub. The first branch was inaugurated in January 2016 in Chandigarh. This microbrewery chain is working consistently and efficiently to give beer quality, ingredients, taste, and process to make the most excellent beer. At present time, The Brew Estate is the leading and largest chain of microbreweries in North India and an emerging microbrewery of India.

Craft Beer Passion

Passion for craft beer was obvious for Mr. Singla. The European craft beers were a good execution of hops, malt, yeast, and imported ingredients from Germany, the US, and Belgium. These beers have an optimum bitterness and enchanting aroma. This is what was instilled in Arundeep Singla to bring it home. With the same precision and same ingredients, He set forth his way to open a major microbrewery chain – The Brew Estate.

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