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Applozic – Plug & Play Messaging Service


Use of messaging services is in trend. It is also very much evident with not so old launched features by trendy apps like Ping service in Flipkart App that lets its users to chat, discuss, suggest and shop, capture & share pictures of products etc.

What if this really interesting feature is available ready to be integrated with your app that can benefit your business! Applozic makes this feature available for Android, IOS, Web, and as web-service as well.


Applozic is a robust “Plug & Play Messaging” library which help businesses to embed chat/messaging into their mobile apps and website without the need to develop or maintain any infrastructure. In simple, we enable “WhatsApp like chat functionality in any App”.

objective to disrupt the future of messaging and help companies add a social layer to their mobile app or website which further helps in better user engagement and retention.

Key features:

Applozic allows the users within any app or website to send text messages, exchange images, files, send location, get delivery reports and provide multi-device data sync. And, all this can happen in just a few minutes of installation.

  • Text Message

    Let your users send text messages to each other within your app

  • Image Capture

    Users can take a picture and share

  • File Upload

    Supports all kinds of file upload, be it images, videos, pdf or anything

  • Current Location

    User can attach the current location

  • Delivery Report

    Instant delivery report of the sent messages

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