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With the spark of persistent learning, How Honey Thakkar is making easy for Startups/SMEs offline Businesses to go Online

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With the spark of persistent learning, Honey Thakkar graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Application from Somlalit Collage, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

With a turn in professional route, she started working as a Web Developer and as a Strategy Guide. Working with a startup Company – Eternz has envisaged her with Ecommerce Guidance and Business Developer. Her work life experiences exposed her learning towards plethora of untold and undiscussed stories that catered as a stimulating epitomes to multiple listeners.

She admired her work as a Software Engineer but screwed a little when the Idea of Globalhype Media Solution brainstormed her mind. She kept her job intact and accordingly sowed the seeds for Globalhype Media Solutions – — with sleepless days and nights. The journey was more of tooth, blood and sweat.

After working with few Startups, she desired to start something of her own. She lend all her time into mind mapping with how to work over Startup & small Business and grow it globally.

She keep on meeting young entrepreneurs on regular basis and discovered that these entrepreneurs face a lot of complexities in the beginning of their journey. Structuring a business, naming it, getting it registered, necessary permits and licenses, company bank accounts, copy writing, Marketing, Man Power and trademarks etc. are some basic legal aspects which one goes through in the process of starting his/her own venture.

To solve these untapped problems, Honey Thakkar decided to create a pool of fields at one place in order to give support the entrepreneurs just with one click.

She started her own venture in 2017 exploring multiple ways to penetrate global market and draw latest strategies down the line. Today she is working with her own Team.

“The domain or market of the industry of startups is huge and her motto is to help them grow. As they grow we grow,” “You sow. We Grow.”

She helped 50+ small Company / Startups with her Strategic Planning and Branding solutions & Global Ecommerce Knowledge. A breathtaking part of her journey is she chose to educate and support elderly people who wants to start their own business on online platform. Till now, she has supported 10+ elderly people with 50+ age band.

She believed in excavating something out of the box with a touch a likelihood and thus her undying perseverance shoot her to successful heights of her life.


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