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What’s Brewing in the Organizational Learning Space Today?

It’s all about On Job Training:

There was a time when education and training was restricted to schools and colleges alone. However, with passage of time the concept of learning has widened its horizons having touched people of all ages, working in different organizations and of course dealing in quite a lot of distinct professions.

In the good old days, it was expected from an individual to come all prepared on his or her first day of job. However, in the 21st century, the reality is exactly opposite. Even though individuals hold professional degrees and carry widespread experience, every new organization that they join, the real learning begins on the job right from the very first day.

What is Organizational Learning all about?

Computer Knowledge: At a very primary level, every organization familiarizes its employees with the various systems and software’s without the knowledge of which smooth functioning becomes next to impossible. Hence, technological upgrades and computerized inputs become the initial teachings of any organization.

Communication Skills: Every organization comprises of a number of different divisions and departments, which cannot really function in isolation. Constant flow of communication both horizontal and vertical becomes mandatory. This is one area that employees end up gaining expertise in. Over time, they also learn to avoid communication gaps.

Vital Traits: In order to succeed in the task at hand, hurrying up without making use of proper theoretical and practical applications would not be an appropriate step to take. This is exactly where traits such as patience, alertness, intelligence and eye for clarity come into picture. Even though these characteristics might not be in-built in you, over time, experience teaches you to master the art of using these traits to your best ability.

Makeover: If you are working in the creative field, then there are bright chances of you experiencing a sharp change in your overall personality. Observance alone can teach you a lot. Hence, we can rightly claim that personality development and organizational learning go hand in hand.

Irrespective of the organization you work at, every employee should make it a point to explore the field of Organizational Learning whenever possible.

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