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UFaber – Bringing the classroom to your home

With Digital India being the priority of the government, the internet is spreading like wildfire in India. Telecomm companies are lowering the tariffs, thus making internet access affordable for the masses. Consequently, the internet is no longer just the resource of the rich and the elite but also the majority of the population.

Today a wide variety of services are offered on the internet. E-commerce, E-Learning, E-Banks etc. all have brought about a revolution in the respective fields. The biggest gainer of this digital revolution has been the e-Learning industry. With the majority of the population entering the working age group of 15- 59 years of age (demographic dividend) it is the need of the hour to provide education and skills to this population so that they can earn their livelihood. Various organization has come up which provide a variety of courses like vocational training, competitive exam training, elementary school curriculum, up-skilling etc.

One such organization which provides online training for various competitive exams is UFaber. Based out of Mumbai, this startup is in space of online training for competitive exams like UPSC, IELTS, GATE, and IBPS.  A various brand like UPSC Pathshala, IELTS Ninja, GATE School, all under UFaber are making quality education accessible at an affordable price.

It also brings in the factor of flexibility in the learning process. Mr. Rohit Jain (Founder of UFaber) said, “Majority of our students are working professionals and undergrad students who do not have the time to attend regular classes. They can watch the video lectures whenever they want to this bringing the classrooms to their homes”. “UPSC  preparation, which usually ranges for a year and a half. It is not possible for majority of students to be financially dependent for that long. We solve that problem by providing lectures at customized pace”, added Atul Jain (Head of UPSC Pathshala).

One more thing which UFaber is doing innovatively is providing personalized guidance to every student. Major obstacle in e-Learning is the isolation which hinders discussion and doubt solving. However, UFaber provides personalized mentorship to help overcome the obstacle. The mentors who are senior experienced professionals have weekly discussions with the student to ensure that their doubts are solved. “Mentorship is not just about solving the doubts of students. It involves giving the student a customized plan to study, telling him what books to refer to and even motivating him whenever he feels low. The mentor and student should share a great rapport.” As said by Shishir Juvekar (Head Mentor). Mentors give the student a feeling of a personalized teacher, which is not available even in the best institutes. Every student is given a custom learning plan as per his grasping power and time allotted by the mentor.

With a variety of products for online preparation, UFaber will certainly help solve the problem of the majority of students who want to prepare for competitive exams but do not have time for conventional coaching classes.

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