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Tryft aims to revolutionize how consumers buy products

Tryft started as a project under Veriaty. The Co-Founders – Kartik Gurmule and Terry McGinnis noticed that there is a huge ‘thrifting’ culture in Asia and Europe i.e. re-usability of goods is key, unlike in the west, where they are mostly told that used is ‘no good’, and we should constantly buy the latest phones, cars, and clothes to fit into society. This is where the idea of ‘Tryft’ came to be, and the company aims to:
  • Increase the re-usability of products;
  • Decrease waste, and;
  • Provide the best deals possible via the introduction of brand new and ecologically friendly alternatives to high-cost brand goods at ‘thrift’ prices from our select suppliers. 
It’s also Tryft’s mission to drift big brands into a ‘Tryft’ pledge which will hold them accountable for product life-cycles and ensure they can be prolonged for their fullest extent, furthermore, seeing them offer ways of either selling those used goods to give them a second chance or ensuring there are methods of recycling them properly. 
Tryft has currently secured $22 million in funding via private VC’s, and are opening offices in Malibu, California fairly soon before the launch of their platform.
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