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Gig4U is a freelance marketplace connecting professional with the businesses around the globe. In 2 years, the marketplace statistics for Gig4U have been quite exemplary in more ways. Read the article for more detailed info...

Gig4U – An Indian Freelance Marketplace with a Difference!

Gig workers are now dominating the world market, especially after COVID-19 hit and many jobs that required mandatory office visits were converted to full-time work from home (WFH) jobs. Now the job sector offers many remote jobs to professionals who are looking to establish a better work-life balance by working from home.

This approach also gave a boost to the gig economy in India along with the whole world. Due to toxic work environments and/or poor salaries, a lot of people, especially in the creative industry have turned towards this working model. From writers to developers, there is no job that is not done by a freelancer today.

But every freelancer knows how hard it is to start and just how bad even this market can get. From getting cheated on to getting paid peanuts, Indian freelancers have to struggle a lot to start. And it is not just the freelancers. Even the businesses that hire freelancers struggle to filter out the genuine ones who can get the job done.

That is where Gig4U stepped in and has now solved the problem for both parties. Let us tell you what Gig4U essentially offers.

What Is Gig4U?

Gig4U is a cloud-based freelance marketplace for businesses and freelancers. It aids in finding independent contractors, commonly referred to as “gig workers,” to take on certain projects.

This platform gives businesses access to a market where they may go through the profiles of possible freelancers according to their skills, experience, geography, or any other number of factors. Additionally, businesses can publish project information and request proposals from Gig4U freelancers.

The freelancers on Gig4U can bid on the projects and, once accepted, start working on them project. Gig4U ensures that the freelancers get paid for their work once the business accepts their bid, and the job is done. Gig4U holds the payment from the business’s end and only forwards it to the freelancer after the job is done.

This way, the business or contractor knows that freelancers will finish the assigned work. And the freelancers have the security of getting paid for their efforts.

How did Gig4U Start its operations?

Pramod Pachisia and Prashant Pachisia, Gig4U’s co-founders, wanted to create a platform that would act as a safety net for both businesses and freelancers. They both have over 30 years of experience in human resources, employment, recruitment, and staffing. They recognized both the potential of gig workers in our economy and the problems they face.

The Gig4U platform is just at the nascent stage – just 6 months old. The team was able to achieve the aim of releasing the app in the Play Store. The app has now acquired over 8k users in the last 6 months, which is a staggering effort in itself.

Gig4U helps gig workers reach their full potential and have a pool that they can access at affordable rates. With the rise in the gig economy, it is important for Indian workers to have a safe space where they can grow their network and find clients suitable for them.

On the other hand, businesses would also be more motivated to hire freelancers if they get a pre-approved pool of talented freelancers. Gig4U was created to give freelancers and businesses the tool they need to boost the gig industry.

Gig4U’s Recent Updates and Future Projection:

The marketplace statistics for Gig4U have been quite exemplary in more ways than one. In the last six months, the registered user base grew to an incredible 20K+ members.

Gig4U recently launched of a portal for gig work related to field tasks meant for Indian job market only. The team has elite customers on board who have shown immense interest in this concept.

Future projections reveal that they can increase the quality user base drastically in 2024. Although the portal allows Indian customers, the team is planning to widen horizons internationally in year 2024.

What Makes Gig4U unique?

There are many freelance marketplaces that have been dominating the market for years. But everyone is aware how much of a struggle it is, especially for Indian freelancers, to land jobs there.

They are not exactly affordable for businesses as well. What makes Gig4U unique is that this marketplace is targeted especially at Indian markets. Here, the goal is to help Indian businesses and freelancers. They offer solutions that are curated to help them. And that’s what makes Gig4U more effective and affordable.

The platform not only charges less, but also use a unique and safer payment system for users. The automated “Escrow” system ensures all parties are satisfied, and the contract is fulfilled by everyone involved.

Freelancers can imagine a system where they do not have to worry about the client ghosting them or not clearing dues after the work is done. Impressive right? Well, Gig4U is just that. The perfect safety net for freelancers and businesses.

What else does Gig4U deliver?

The gig marketplace is not just about payments. And we know it. Gig4U solves many more issues that new and expert freelancers face. One of the biggest is finding the right project that matches client expectations. And for businesses, it is finding the right freelancers who can get the work done. Gig4U solves that problem with its advanced matching system.

Featuring a comprehensive talent pool, the platform supports the gig economy in India and assists entrepreneurs in launching and growing their companies. The main benefit in place is the service, that relies on the fact that a lot of brilliant and unemployed people in India do not have access to the necessary opportunities or platforms to utilize their talents. Along with empowering self-employed people, the platform is promoting employment across the nation on flexible terms.

How Good is Gig4U? Here’s How Much…

Businesses that are bootstrapped get access to the platform for a period of 90 days without paying any service costs under their special 90-day program. On the other side, established businesses are able to publish jobs that need the assistance of independent contractors.

Before allowing freelancers access to the site, we make sure they have undergone a rigorous screening process. Both businesses and freelancers’ profit from this procedural approach that banks on quality and transparency.

Freelancers have the option of submitting bids for any tasks that fit their skill set and include their preferred businesses or clients. Gig4U helps both businesses and freelancers they can enjoy the pros of the gig market and stay away from the cons.

  • Payment security? Done
  • Quality Assurance? Done
  • Rigorous Filtering? Done
  • Affordable? Also Done

What’s the Catch? Remember, the Team Believes in 100% Transparency!

Gig4U charges a service fee to both businesses and freelancers. A small fixed percentage of the transaction value on every transaction made on the platform goes into the platform owner’s pockets. This is the money that funds the team that works on bettering Gig4U as a platform and providing better services!

Gig4U, as the name suggests, is an ideal platform for gaining work and can easily connect budding businesses and freelancers. Gig4U safeguards interests of the platform and encourages professionals to sign up as freelancers and businesses to sign up as clients.

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