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Is Your Idea Worth a Patent?

Is it Worth a Patent?

The Patent Process is very hectic and takes lot of time and money. We as entrepreneurs need to be ascertain toward all the factors before they decide if their idea/ innovation is worth a patent. It is also worth understanding if an idea is patent-able and at what time it should be patented.

One must even know the parameters such as ‘amount of data required for patent application’ and ‘how polished the data has to be for patent application’. It is clear and very known fact that patent holds a big deal for startup as they are the representation form of the asset for their company and investors.

In order to decide whether we should opt for patent or not, one should first consider that if they have enough substance available for the invention or idea for patent. Ideas are not patent-able directly and henceforth the basic rule of patent-ability is that it has to be presented in the form of an invention. Example of a patent could be a matter, composition or even a novel.

The patent should also provide enough description that a skilled person can reproduce it easily. This process is known as ‘enabling disclosure’.

Eg., If you think you can Patent TIME MACHINE, but you need to have and provide enough information that a skilled profession can repeat and make one easily.

So you need to have enough research in place before you think of Patent.

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