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How to easily file income tax returns online

According to section 139(1) of the Income Tax Act, 1961 in India, any individual whose total income during the previous year is greater than the maximum amount not chargeable to tax, are liable to file their income tax returns (ITR).

Who should e-file income tax returns?

  • Assesses with a total sum of income for Rs.5 Lakhs and above.
  • Individual/HUF who are resident with assets located outside India.
  • An assesses is required to furnish an honest report of audit as specified under the sections 10(23C) (IV), (v), (VI), 10A, 12A (1) (b), 44AB, 80IA, IB, IC, ID, JJAA, LA, 92E or 115JB of the Act. Respectively.
  • Any resident who has signing authority in any account located outside India.
  • A person who claims relief under sections 90 or 90A deductions under section 91 of the act
  • All companies are required under this act to file ITR

Types of e-Filing OF ITR

  • Use of Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) to e-file the ITR. It is compulsory to file IT forms using Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) by a chartered accountant.
  • If you e-file without DSC, ITR V form will be generated, which is then required to be printed, signed and submitted to CPC
  • You can file e-file IT returns by an E-return Intermediary (ERI) which can be with or without DSC.
  • Government earns cash from income tax that citizen’s pay, which is then used for the betterment of Asian nation India. just in case if you have got applied for a refund of your revenue enhancement, then you’ll be able to track it down from here.
  • Check your ITR standing in few seconds. However, if you’re new at checking ITR standing on-line, you may get confused. There square measure multiple on-line ways that of checking revenue enhancement refund standing.

What is ITR-V?

  • A way to Check ITR-V Receipt standing on-line
  • When you file for come back while not exploitation the digital signature, you’ll receive AN ITR-V receipt. once IT department verifies that your come back is filed on-line with success, it send AN ITR-V receipt to you. If you are doing not receive ITR-V, you’ll check the standing on-line.

View ITR-V standing

  • Enter your PAN card range and choose the Assessment year. Enter the catch code and click on read choice to see the ITR-V standing.
  • Our web site carries all data taxpayers have to be compelled to understand their tax refund. Besides refund, we’ll be transferrable helpful data on tax payment and type 26AS. the net and offline ways that can assist you knowing your ITR standing in few seconds. If you’re a non worker and wish to grasp your EPF balance or TDS on EPF, then you’ll undergo EPF balance portal for a lot of data. Do use the comment feature in an exceedingly case of any confusion. tax department is giving several different facilities on-line. we’ve got created them less complicated with step wise embellishments on the procedures. stick with United States of America for any data on tax refund standing and tax payment.
  • An taxation come may be a statement of financial gain attained to calculate liabilities and payment or refund of taxes to the govt. therefore the aim of filing the come is to report our financial gain and taxes paid there on to the govt.
  • Any person whose financial gain exceeds the fundamental exemption limit as laid out in the taxation Act,1961 is needed to file associate degree taxation come. Now, the fundamental exemption limit changes from year to year. at the present the limit is Rs.2,50,000 for people of but sixty age, Rs.3,00,000 for people within the age group of 60-80 years, and Rs.5,00,000 for people of quite eighty age. it’s required to file associate degree taxation come if any of the condition is applicable to you:
  • If you’re taxable financial gain is quite slabs notified in Finance Act for that Year. Example for a personal Resident below sixty years older the block is a pair of, 50,000 /-(A.Y. 2017-2018) and for old person it’s 3,00,000. Therefore, if his financial gain is quite a pair of, 50,000/- (or 3,00,000 just in case of senior citizen) then it’s obligatory for him to file taxation come regardless of whether or not you have got filed your return or not.
  • If you space entity registered as a firm or an organization regardless of the financial gain or loss throughout the year
  • If you have got losses underneath any head and wish to hold forward those losses to next year.
  • If you would like to say refund of taxes already paid i.e. TDS etc.
  • From 2012 onward resident individual holding any quite Foreign quality e.g. immobile property, checking account etc. or may be a sign language authority in an exceedingly foreign checking account then he’s mandatorily needed to file the come



  • The type of form type in which you must file your income tax varies as per the class of Assesse.
  • For Individuals/HUF:









  • For Company: ITR-6, ITR-7
  • For apart from people and Company: ITR-5
  • LegalRaasta ITR filing computer code helps within the correct choice of type for you. you only got to fill the small print relevant to you and LegalRaasta can itself generate the right XML

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