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Business ideas in Bangalore with low investment

Myself Manish Verma and I'm a business consultant by profession and writer by passion. I went to Bangalore a month ago and while talking to the other consultants in the city, I found out that starting a tech startup in the city is quite difficult as of now, as the city is congested with startups. But again, Bangalore is quite lucrative for those who wants to start their entrepreneurial venture on a small scale without any angel investor. I have shortlisted few ideas which I would like to cater to the enthusiasts.

If you are living in Bangalore and want to start a business there then there are some business ideas that you must go through. It is always viable to check out the options that Bangalore is offering you especially when you have a low budget.

Organic Food Store

Organic food has started to capture market with time. Seeing the health consciousness that has recently developed in the urban population, it is profitable to explore that psychology of the consumers and set up a business that caters to that need. Organic food is high in price as the cost of cultivating organic food is relatively higher. The target consumer group is that of the higher income group.

Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food restaurants are a hit in places where the majority of the population is working population. Many people from all over the India go to Bangalore to work and they like to have food from different fast food restaurants. When it comes to restaurant three things that are very important are quality, pricing and locality.

Locality is important. It is not only that crowded places are going to be fruitful in business. It all depends on how innovatively you have tried to use the loophole. Quality is important as taste and health both are related to quality of the food prepared. Pricing needs to be competitive that is the best price based on the current market situation.

English Classes

Most of the people in Bangalore are able to communicate easily in conversational English yet there are people who want to get sound knowledge of the language. If you have an expertise in English then you can set up classes to help people learn better English. Though English is not the widely spoken language in India, it does a play a vital role officially and with so many outsourcing jobs coming up, outsourcing has become an important determinant.

Coffee Shops with Library

Coffee shops culture in India is old and many intellectuals have come out of coffee houses. Coffee houses are a good business once the layout is ready and the theme is interesting. Very often the avid readers have a knack of sipping cappuccino while reading something interesting! So, you can provide them membership for library and what can be more relishing than reading with a hot cappuccino or long island iced tea in some cozy corner. Startup consultants are highly suggesting this business idea.

Business consultants

Becoming a startup consultant in Bangalore is another great idea that can be used in laying the foundation of entrepreneurship in Bangalore. Many opportunity seekers come to Bangalore with ideas in mind but are unable to execute it as they do not have a proper plan in hand. As a business consultant you can help these enthusiasts get the track right in exchange of a price which will be your fee.

Bangalore is the city where dreams come true if you are truly dedicated and have the luck on your side. With growing startups it is not to deny that Bangalore as the startup hub is getting saturated and some of the ideas related to core IT are so much in abundance that starting of another in that same category may not get a positive response. We must start to explore and look deeper into the web so that a loophole could be detected. There is always a loophole as no market gets saturated. The industry evolves and changes its products or production method, once it starts to cross the boom period.

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