Startup Advices


Entrepreneurs are different.

They think differently, they act differently; they work differently and even implement their ideas differently.
And ‘differently’ here refers to the most idiosyncratic yet extraordinary conduct.
This is the reason that entrepreneurship exhibits special kind of traits, tendencies and perception towards everything in the world.

Just in case if you think that there’s an entrepreneur hiding deep down inside, you must check out the most exhibited traits and habits that secretly indicates that the chances are high.

1. ‘Why’ is your word.
The word ‘why’ is your favorite. You tend to question each and every possible statement that comes to you. You’re a deep digger. To know why it is or how anything works is in your blood. You’re that one student in class who has most of the doubts and is always opinionated.

2. Crave Challenges.
‘Challenges’ inspire you strive hard to achieve the goal. You love to defeat others and hence, wait to get challenged every next moment. This is because an ‘entrepreneur’ doesn’t ever give up and always aims at winning.

3. Lack employability skills. 
You don’t find yourself fit enough to work as an employee. An entrepreneur is not so fine in working ‘UNDER’ someone else. You want to boss people and not let anyone else boss you at all.

4. Opportunities and possibilities.
An entrepreneur is known for his way of looking at everything and developing a unique idea. You tend to find limitless opportunities and possibilities even while walking in the park. As soon as a problem is kept in front of you, you unknowingly start running horses in your brain to solve it as soon as possible.

5. Argumentation. 
Your favorite action is argumentation. To you, ‘LOGIC’ is everything. Whenever you encounter a problem it makes you happy as you get to apply the logical part of your brain into solving it.

6. Social.
You love being the centre of attention just like an entrepreneur feels being the supervisor of all. You are a public person. It is very easy for you to communicate with many and you love it when they listen to you and your idea with full concentration.

7. Weird.
The thinking process of your brain is very different from others, almost surreal and for which they call you ‘weird’. They say that your brain is wired weirdly which is true because your perspective is absolutely your own and usually, best of all.

8. Nocturnal.
‘Nights’ are your days. Nights are not meant for you to sleep at all. You’ll end up wasting your whole day and stay lazy but as the night time comes, your brain cells start activating faster than any time of the day.

9. Fervent.
You want what you want. You make sure you have what you want. A goal or a desire to you is more than just a wish. For that very moment, it becomes the last thing you want. Just like for an entrepreneur, his business or start up becomes his life.

10. It is in your blood.
Your family, your parents never could work for anyone else. They worked for their own selves. And it’s just hereditary. You want to build your own shelter, a lavish one.


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