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Singapore’s Govin Capital to set up Startup Accelerator India Pune Chapter in collaboration with Pune’s SEED Infotech

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Govin Capital, the Singapore headquartered Venture Capital fund seems to have its eyes set on India. The Indian startup industry is currently flourishing at an unprecedented rate with new, out-of-the box ideas flying out of its den every now and then. This seems to have caught the world’s attention, including Govin Capital. 

In order to capitalising on the budding market and its talent, the Singapore company has recently announced about its plans to launch the Pune chapter of its much successful Startup Accelerator India. In order to make this possible, it has entered into an agreement with Seed Infotech, a Pune based company. In addition to this, the company also announced about its two big recent investments in the healthcare industry, CEllBeans Healthcare and Palash IVF Solutions.

According to the company’s CEO Anand Govindaluri, Govin Capital’s current focus is on investing in companies belonging in the digital healthcare and biomedical space.

According to the agreement locked in between Govin Capital and Seed Infotech, Govind Academy, which is a sister concern of the former company would also be collaborating in the entire setting up process of the International Centre for Entrepreneurship. It will also be offering training programmes in entrepreneurship and innovation, primarily focusing on biomedical entrepreneurship.

According to a statement given by Narendra Barhate, the founder of Seed Infotech, Govin Academy has been given the role of being Seed Infotech’s knowledge partner and help it in promoting its innovation and entrepreneurship and innovation programmes. The Academy is said to be contributing a whopping Rs 10 crore towards these investments.

Govin Capital is looking to invest a sum of Rs 1 cr-10 cr for up to a 20 percent stake in early stage India startups primarily operating in the digital health sector. According to Govindaluri, the venture capital company is scouting for opportunities that are new, innovative, cater to the middle class and also have a societal relevance.

The company has already funded over 10 bright Indian startups till date through its Startup Accelerator Initiative in Vishakhapatnam and IIT Madras incubation cell.

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