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IIT Bans Zomato from Placement List


It seems that Zomato’s bad omens are not ending soon as IIT Bans Zomato in the form of blacklisting in placement cell. The decision was taken by All-IITs Placement Committe (AIPC) and blacklist will be applicable at IIT Delhi, Bombay, Kharagpur, Madras, Guwahati and Kanpur.

The speculations over IIT bans Zomato states that it is result of spat between Zomato and IIT-Delhi. The issue happened over first-day slot in July 2015. It is being said that prior to IIT bans Zomato, they were offer a CTC Package (Cost-to-company) of around Rs 26 Lakh ($39,000) and demanded first day slot in placement season so as to get the creame layer of students. But the same was denied as being too low. There were several discussions around the same and Deepinder Goyal (CEO Zomato) even tweeted around this leading to ban. Zomato firing employees have already been in news and with this IIT bans Zomato thing, scenarios are not on their side.

Here is snippet from an email captured from Reddit which confirmed this news.

IIT Bans Zomato from Placement Cell

IIT Bans Zomato

While the above email states a clear indication to students to not indulge with Zomato, Deepinder is affirm that people who want to work with us are still reaching out to us.

Zomato has been evaluated over $ 1 Billion and IIT is alma-mater for Deepinder too. This news doesnot come at right time as zomato is already sacking 10% of their staff.

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