Best Guest blogging platform for startup founders

Best guest blogging platform for startup founders from India and abroad

IndiStart is a wonderful platform where Indian as well as global entrepreneurs can blog about their ideas and connect with audience.

Why Guest Blogging at IndiStart is important?

Guest Blogging is one of the best way to connect with audience of your niche. As many StartUps have limited resources in terms of manpower as well as money, it is difficult to manage and connect with customers. PR on one way is a good way to get connected with customers and update world. The hard truth is that the connecting to PR is costly as well as time consuming. Moreover, most of the PR channels focus more on “News” & less on “opinion”

Many of the customers or people related a space are more inclined to read opinion and not just news. For example, if you are in a food business (restaurant or coffee joint or menu aggregator) your customers are foodies. Now a foodie may not be interested to read about how much fund your startup got but he would like to read more about how healthy a coffee break can be(a lead generated for you, if you serve coffee)!

Presenting your opinion on “subject” of your startup is the key to have a better brand visibility. Unfortunately, in today’s startup ecosystem, everyone seems to talk more about startup stories or news and not necessarily about the opinion of the people associated with the startups on the sector or subject. A solution? Guest Blogging.

Guest blogging can be very important tool for an entrepreneur and industry expert. We at IndiStart, strive to be one of the most standard ideas portal for entrepreneurs and hence we have opened gates for entrepreneurs, businessman, technical personnel, startup watcher and anyone in general to share their ideas with us. If you are interested to write for IndiStart please get in touch.

Blogging with IndiStart will give entrepreneurs an edge over their competitors where the ideas of an businessmen and business in general will go into the minds of people. Many startups in nascent stage can get a lot of viewership and attention of VCs, Fund Managers, future employees and also possible companies who would like to take over your company. 
It does not end here, with guest blogging on portals like IndiStart and, founders will rise to the ladder of fame which will boost the personal as well as brand image. Many successful & famous startups are so because of their famous founders. And vice versa. So why wait, get connected to IndiStart and and write for us.