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About Us

ArtOfColors provides a platform for art lovers and Indian artists to come together and celebrate their passion i.e. art. Our sole purpose of existence is to deliver art to those who love and directly from them who believe in its sheer beauty. We procure art items, exhibit and sell them in the hope of making the art market more transparent by providing items with which you can express and connect.


To make art an easily accessible item by changing the way the world find, shares, and purchases them. To give opportunities to people, both artists, and lovers who thrive only for their passion which is art in its truest forms.


Believing in giving artists something that redefines them in the art world, our fundamental value is to earn trust and loyalty of both our customers and its creator, by giving them both something to root for. Therefore, every-day, collaborating with our artists, we create and innovate artistic items that astounds those who cherish art.

Holding ourselves to high standards and uncompromising on the quality, brilliance, and beauty, in this artistic world, we choose to serve our artists and customers with solutions that commit to the best standards of the industry.


With a collection that includes almost all possible styles and subject imaginable, we have a team of experts ensure that art connects directly with the people who love it. Featuring an unparalleled assortment of fine art, limited editions, exclusive pieces, contemporary originals, our platform ensures to meet the demands of our customer exquisitely.

Future Planning

With the objective of democratizing the art world, we help connect art enthusiasts with rising artists who provide engaging, appealing and exclusive contents. To ensure that we remain the best, it is our constant endeavor to plan ahead.

  • We understand the value of technique in the art. Therefore, we will soon include charitable educational programs for our aspiring artists especially those who wish to learn to improve their artistic strokes further.
  • With the sole aim to provide exposure, it is one of our objectives to include exhibitions, press releases, and even media events to make certain that the artist becomes a brand in the art world.
  • Since our platform is all about encouraging the new artists along with the experienced, we are striving to include all those whose passion exhibits through art.
  • We are an exclusive partner with ART Times Journal for it’s digital & print promotion all over the world.
  • Seminars are another part that we wish to include for those who are interested in art. It is sometimes important to understand a viewpoint, or a brush stroke or even a sketch before purchasing the item. These seminars will be held to spread the word about art and how they can help connect with various expressions.
  • We are starting a section, ArtOfColors Foundation to help children who don’t have sufficient money to learn the techniques of painting or sculptures, we would love to bring them into our foundation and requests senior artists friends to involve their little time and guide the kids. We will provide them required accessories (i.e. Drawing books, canvas, colors, brushes etc…) for learning.

and many more new concepts we will introduce time to time which will increase artists and art buyers connection very strong and it will boost up the art market and it’s business brilliantly.

Some Stats:

  1. Year Founded: 2013
  2. Founded By: Tamal Bagchi
  3. Funding: Self-funding initially, now getting funding from a US company about 1 million (**unable to disclose the name right now**)
  4. Profits: 2 lakhs profit last quarter (after all expenses)
  5. Setup in Kolkata
  6. Upcoming Event: https://www.artofcolors.in/artex-2017
  7. Art Journal “Art Times” : https://www.artofcolors.in/art-times


Few points about our online art gallery and works:

  1. We have 450+ artists from all over Indian in our group/website
  2. Above 3,000+ artworks
  3. Our work process, we exhibit, promote and sell original Indian artworks all over the world.
  4. Few popular artists are working with us i.e. Niranjan Pradhan, Suktisubhra Pradhan, Gopal Chowdhury, Sekhar Basu, Kishore Pratim Biswas, Gautam Mukherji, Amit Bhar, Sujit Kumar Ghosh, Prabir Chakraborty, Dipankar Mukherjee, Biswarup Garai, Prabal Roy, Samir Sarkar, Gour Ghosh, Subrata Sankar Sen, Rajib Sur Roy and many more
  5. 10,000+ Facebook fans in last 3 years

Featured Image courtesy: edit From website screengrab

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