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Ooty Visit Inspired This Couple To Start MoShik’s Homemade Chocolates

If Goa has risen to fame for college outing, Ooty & Kerala have been a destination that many couples plan to visit together. Mohit & Shikha too planned a visit to South India and it gave rise to a StartUp. The climate, environment and ambiance of the place has not only revived the heart n mind of this couple Mohit & Shikha but also prompted them to start MoShik’s Homemade Chocolate. Below is the interview from the founder Mohit Jain.


  • How did you come up with the idea of ‘MoShik’s Homemade Chocolates’ ? What problem are you solving? How does it work?


This idea of starting a homemade chocolate business was developed during our visit to south Indian tourist places like Ooty, Kodaikanal, and Kerala where we found lots of homemade chocolates but in an un-organized manner. We thought of introducing this concept to remaining parts of the country in a professional and organized manner and this is how our business idea started.  MoShik’s™ has redefined gifting option in the country with yummy handmade/homemade chocolates for every occasion available for everyone across India.“Corporate Gifting” is one of our prime focuses where we deal with major corporate to provide them rich and exotic chocolates in exclusive and customized gift boxes.


  • What is MoShik’s target market and how do you market yourself?


Everyone is my potential customer- from students to working professional to retired person & of course children. We market ourselves through social media, word of mouth, Trade Fares, Events sponsoring etc.

  • What is your competitive advantage?

MoShik’s Homemade Chocolates are 100% pure vegetarian, fresh & hygienically prepared, made without adding any extra flavors such as Gelatin (FAT JELLY OR PIGS SHIT), dissoluble chemicals, etc. Add to that they are non alcoholic

  • How much time did it take for you from conceptualization of ‘your venture’ to actually launching it in the market ?

We launched our business in January-2014 by having a brand name, official website and Facebook account. But real business started from June-2014 when we started our E-Commerce operations with the help of country’s largest E-Commerce portal Snapdeal and thereafter it was no looking back

  • Tell us more about your team along with founders details?

Myself Mohit Kumar Jain. I am an Electronics and Communication Engineer with seven years of Corporate employment Experience with enormous MNC like TCS,IBM,Fidelity. My Wife Shikha Jain is a post graduate and an outsourcing graphics designer.We two are the originators and proprietors of the business,My father Mr.A.K.Jain is our lawful and budgetary consultant and my mom Smt.Nanda Jain is our Business director at home. Our greatest inspiration are my sibling Anshul Jain and my 7 months old child Medant Jain. Along with them we have little group of labors who help us underway at Bhopal, and couple of merchants broadly who develop business in their particular ranges.

  • How do you plan to market your product? What are your customer acquisition strategies?What is the revenue model of ‘venture’ ?

In next 5 years MoShik’s would be in hands of individuals from each state in India and also we would be having a global presence in many countries through export of our products. We plan to focus and be a large name in the E-Commerce sector with our dedication and hard work. We have a very much characterized plan to push forward orderly to accomplish money related goals, fulfill social obligations through our business. MoShik’s is here to leave a mark and build a unique brand. Till now this business is self funded. When we began the business, I used my savings and salary to fund the idea and once the business commenced the pay earned from business is financing the business exceptionally well.

  • What do you want to achieve from this? What is your larger goal or vision?

In next Five Years MoShik’s would be in hands of individuals from each state in India. We also want to be global player.

  • What are your current achievements?

In first two years of operation MoShik’s has delivered its product to the customers spread across 295+ Cities/Villages spread across 28 States/UT’s in entire India. Our product is being sold on 60+ Major E-Commerce Websites/Apps. MoShik’s is India’s first homemade chocolate brand which is Trademark Enrolled and ISO 9001:2008 Certified both


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