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How an Indian Based Startup – Just Jobs is Empowering the Most Underdeveloped Informal Sector of India by Connecting Skill With Opportunity

“Just Jobs” is a, fastest growing job portal for blue collar jobs sector in India, digital platform especially designed and developed to empower the most underserved sector of the economy by connecting skill with opportunity. It’s objective is to build direct connectivity between a job seeker (skill) and an employer (opportunity) to become the most reliable job portal for informal workforce hiring or job search.


Just Jobs is a fully featured job portal to offer the most economical recruitment and complete ads-free experience to its users i.e. job seekers and employers belonging to entry-level jobs sector of the economy. It is, recognized as a ‘Startup’ by DIPP (Startup India), in line with Government’s initiatives like Digital India and Skill India by connecting people belonging to BoP (Bottom of the Economic Pyramid) with potential employers.


The Founder’s Statement

Kishore Beniwal, the CEO and Co-Founder of Just Jobs, said “I have worked in blue-collar environment as a construction labor and waiter for 4 years of my life.  So I have experienced the problems very closely which Just Jobs can or need to solve. The future for people belonging to underdeveloped informal sector always seems to be desolate due to lack of quality jobs or the number of jobs and connectivity with existing opportunities which makes it difficult for them to find a job or to move up in their career.”


Ultimate Solution to the Problem

90% of India’s total workforce belong to the informal sector i.e. approximately 600 million people. However, ironically only 1% of the total job boards are catering to informal workforce recruitment. The traditional & existing solutions i.e. placement agencies or middlemen popularly known as dalals have proven to be costly, complex, time-consuming and ineffective as they have failed to provide desired results. They usually don’t allow a direct connection to be established between an employer and a job seeker and overcharge both job seekers and employers without the guarantee of a job or candidate.

Just Jobs is building on keeping all these points in mind. It creates a direct connection between an employer and a job seeker and provides a free job post to every employer under a freemium model along with the easy on the pocket pricing plans under three different categories for different types of needs. All the features for a job seeker are free on this job portal from job search to job alerts which makes it easy, fast and free. A job seeker can even download the Just Jobs mobile app from a Google Play Store for free and search jobs on the go.


Story so Far

Just Jobs, launched on 1st August 2016 which is based in New Delhi, India, has recently crossed the milestone of 20,000+ employer registrations which includes shops, salons, beauty parlors, boutiques and similar other small to medium size businesses and startups like Ola, Uber, Jugnoo, 1MG, Zoomcar and many more.


What Makes it Unique?

Just Jobs approach to the problem makes it unique. Kishore states that “the solution has to be digital so that it can be an easy, fast and transparent one rather than going manual just like in the case of other job portals following the steps of traditional agencies and middlemen.” To achieve this, Just Jobs has invested a heavy amount of time, money and efforts in its UX to provide better and faster results. This approach allows creating a direct connection between an employer and a job seeker eradicating the need of middlemen, placement agencies or any manual process which also leads to transparency in and fasten the hiring process. Not only this, but its team keeps continuously working on the improvement of the job portal by collecting feedback from its users and research. Moreover, Just Jobs is completely free for job seekers along with providing a freemium feature to employers.


Future Goals

Just Jobs is continuously working on the improvement of its job seeker mobile app to provide better and faster results along with launching its website and mobile site in Hindi as well as other Indian languages. It is in quest of transforming India’s unorganized job sector and working towards becoming India’s best mobile-first blue collar jobs marketplace.

In long term, it’s vision is to be the most preferred, trusted & respected organization in blue collar jobs sector in India & worldwide.

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