How Free Traffic can be a starter for your web business

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If you have a startup with a website, you know how much painful marketing is. The costs of marketing and getting visitors can cost us sky. Moreover, if there are not much revenue generation expected, this can be killer. Some of the big social sites as well as famous sites charge upto 5 USD  a click! Which means to have a visitor to your website, you need to pay INR 350. Is that practical?

Although, this might sound a bit hyped number but a click on a very less famous keyword may cost 10-20 INR. Considering that an average success is 3% (yes this is considered a good rate indeed!), it might cost a website owner Rs. 300-600 to make a sale (if there is one). So while you loosen the strings are bigger ad networks for premium traffic, this would be a good idea to start with free traffic sources. Now that a deal that everyone wants! FREE

Although this might sound bit unrealistic but this is true. But when there is the term FREE traffic, it is free only in terms of price but you might have to do something in return of the favor. But isn’t that a good deal? For instance, you may have to share a page or write something or invite 5 of your friends for a few hundreds or thousands of visitors of your site absolutely free. This free traffic strategy is worth trying.

One of the sites that facilitates free traffic is GrowTraffic 

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