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Foreign returns founder’s have decided to start up the venture which can help all kind of Travellers to find out budget accommodation.

Foreign returns founders have decided to start up the venture which can help all kind of Travellers to find out budget accommodation.

New Delhi based Homevilas.com is founded by foreign returns with 10+ years of vast international experience in Americas, Africa, and the Far East majorly in Tourism Industry. They have traveled to many cities and rural areas of India and faced the problem to find out the budget Homestay & accommodation as a Travellers so that’s how Homevilas.com got discovered to provide the solution to Travellers; to enjoy budget accommodation across India.

In the contemporary era, there are many people who are possessing homestays at different tourists’ destinations of India but the owners of the home are living in metropolitan cities or even at overseas. The reason behind leaving homes is very simple; although the properties of such people are at heavenly places on earth but at these destinations, the residents usually unable to find promising job opportunities as per their educational qualifications, competency, and skills they are possessing.

Thus, such people had left their wonderful cottages, flats, apartments, duplex, villas, bungalows, etc. and living in places where they can earn their livelihood or get huge salary packages as per their competency and expertise. Further, as their homestays are left alone in the heavenly places in India; therefore, such people want to learn from their fix assets, which will serve them extra income to meet the never-ending expenses of metropolitan cities up to some extent. In this regard, Homevilas.com is offering such homeowner a platform by which they can rent their properties for short duration to tourists visiting their home for spending their vacations. In addition, since Homevilas.com is one of the reputed and most trustworthy online platform working in India; therefore, the homestays owners of the tourist destinations of India always get best deals by getting associated with the company.

If you are the owner of any homestay at any tourists’ destination of India then Homevilas.com is there for helping you in renting your accommodations to tourists visiting your hometown. The company will reflect your homestays on its official website, which will help you in making your immovable and unproductive assets mobile as well as you will be able to earn huge income from your properties by staying wherever you are. Even if you are living in your homestays and looking for someone who can share it with you or rent your accommodation so that you can recover your irregular income then also you can contact Homevilas.com.

Homevilas.com has reputed website offering budget homestays to tourists or short-term visitors landing at different tourists’ attractions of India There are a number of people who are visiting at different corners of India may be to spend their holidays, business trips, honeymoon, studies, and for research or doing some creative work with peace of mind. Homevilas.com is offering unparallel homestays to such travelers where they can stay peacefully and feel like their home until the time the travelers want to stay at any destination in India. The company is offering its services to India and to everyone without considering the budget or any personal aspect of the travelers as Homevilas.com are ready to offer most economical Homestays, cottages as well as lavish villas. Thus, once you visit the website of Homevilas.com you will never switch to any other place as the company has made a customized framework for offering accommodations to everyone.


Problems at travel level in new city

Keeping the problem of Business Travellers and Students in mind, Homevilas.com discover the solution for it. Homevilas brings you different ways to travel smartly by “Multiple Location Search”.To find best accommodation for your multiple locations in a city with information on commuting time and distance to reach your location.

By common demand, we’ve extended our unique commute time Budget Homestay Accommodation, Apartments, Serviced Apartments, Villas, Palaces etc., search features to travel planning. Skip opening multiple browsers to research accommodations in close proximity to business meetings or vacation attractions.


Location matters when deciding where to stay. Enter multiple places (e.g., business meetings, events, friends’ homes, attractions etc.) and we’ll sort Budget Accommodation by travel time. For each Accommodation, you can also see nearby amenities (restaurants, coffee shops, etc.), public transit and car shares based onavailabilityy.

  1. A) Type the address of Meetings, attractions, places you want to visit! And Homevilas then shows you accommodations sorted Travel time and Distance.
  2. B) Find Accommodations by proximity to meetings. For example, if you have business meetings in multiple places in a city, you can find budget accommodation that minimizes commute time to reach each location.
  3. C) If you’re planning a group trip with family or friend, an event or side trips to visit multiple attractions in a city. Homevilas.com helps people to find budget homestay accommodation which commute their time to reach each destination.

About Homevilas.com

Homevilas.com is not just a website but it also like your helpful friend standing at different locations of India to welcome you and your companions in most comfortable homestays where you can feel like home and able to get maximum comforts at your doorstep. The company before starting this business venture conducted research and development work for many years and came-up with 1500+ properties across the India, which includes almost 7200+ rooms.

Homevilas.com was incorporated in year 2016 with the capital of $ 50,000, which was initially funded by Angel Investment. However, for further funding the company required to present holding of sufficient inventory and presentation of systematic marketing plan. Homevilas.com with its team of highly professional and experienced professionals succeed in accomplishing the terms and conditions of investor within few months and in second round the investor offered funding of $ 100,000. Thus, we can say the success graph of the company has never declined from the time of its inception and now Homevilas.com has become favored choice of different investors looking for huge and timely returns of their investments.

Mission & Vision of Homevilas.com

If we talk about vision of the company, it can be clearly reflected that Homevilas.com is going to possess 25,000 rooms by the end of 2017. This is not just assumption as the company has conducted extensive market research and the professionals of the company visited to undiscovered locations of India to add new inventories to their stock. In addition, the work is going on at large-scale so that the company can exceed the expected inventory level that is being forecasted.

Thus, in short we can say the company has firm and transparent vision and Homevilas.com is well equipped to exceed the desired mission or benchmark established. The mission of Homevilas is keep clients expectation always ahead even if the company has compromise with nominal profit. Further, the company wants to add array of inventory choices to its list so that none of visitor of Homevilas will go disappointed. Thus, we can say the prime mission of Homevilas.com is render services globally to everyone irrespective of the budget of the customers without any compromise. Therefore, the company has also launched its most user-friendly Android App so that its customers can get mobility while booking their homestays anywhere in India.

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