FitMeIn Raises $100 K Funding – Aiming at Getting Rid of Gym Boredom


Boredom and sense of monotony is very common amongst people who does gym. In fact, they also turn out to be the reason behind quitting of Gym by several users. As per the online stats, 4 out 5 people drops out of gym due to the fact that they do not tend to enjoy it.

FitMeIn, an online platform started by three people namely Vishesh Goel, Nidhisha Varshney and Lalit Singh does exactly what was needed. They began their journey in June 2015 and came up with a solution for endless gym monotony. FitMeIn offers online oppurtunity to enjoy and opt for multiple fitness studio membership options.

FitMeIn have raised capital seed funding of $100 K from Green House Ventures and were also selected for GHV Accelerator Program.

Gym and health services are high on cost and getting them at affordable price with high quality is the need of the hour.

FitMeIn offers monthly membership options with as less as Rs 2,499 per month which allows customers to earn virtual FitCoins. These FitCoins can be used to get fitness offers for workout in partner gyms.

The users are given an option to choose unique spots which are charged around an average of 0.5 to 1.5 FitCoins.

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