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Entrepreneurship in India : Only for Unemployed?

Entrepreneurship in India : Only for Unemployed?

Entrepreneurs of India are world famous. While everyone has seen the heights of Zomato and RedBus, everyone knows the power and rise of IT industry in India is invincible. We have a caliber and are so hard-working that we can take up any kind of work in the industry.

In India, we have seen cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Pune and Bangalore who have given almost a lot many startups. But the latest trends in India shows that the unemployed crowd is moving towards starting their own venture. Not sure how the world would take them and even not sure what they have in themselves in terms of services/goods to provide.

Here are some quick-points stating the pros and cons of entrepreneurship by unemployed in India.

The Pros of Being Unemployed – Entrepreneur

  • You can make a self-identity and help people with your goods and services.
  • Makes one self-dependent.
  • Makes employment opportunities for others.
  • Allows people to think in a different way.

The Cons of Being Unemployed – Entrepreneur

  • Some people takes entrepreneurship as the last choice (as they have nothing to do).
  • They tend to fall more than rise.
  • They do not have a dream which they live for, instead they want to only earn a living.
  • It is never easy to guide others before you have experience in the industry.

Frankly speaking, I am not against anyone and their aim of being entrepreneur. Rather, I want people to excel in their own venture. But one should not create venture just for the sake of creating them. Create a venture only if you have a vision to carry it on!

PS : My intention is not to hurt anyone’s sentiments.

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